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Why the Dodge Charger is the Ultimate Muscle Sedan

For over fifteen years, the Dodge Charger has been the premier choice for car buyers who want the performance, burnout capabilities, and looks of a bona-fide muscle car, but without compromising the utility and practicality you get from sedan.

It’s precisely these qualities that have made the Dodge Charger such a legendary car. While it may not be as refined as its German peers, such as the BMW M5 and the Mercedes S63 AMG, or as outrageously fast as its local rival, the Cadillac CTS-V, the Charger is in a league of its own in terms of sheer pizzazz and road presence. Oh, and have we mentioned that the Dodge Charger is significantly less expensive than any of its aforementioned rivals?

In an age of skyrocketing fuel prices and tightening emissions regulations, the V8-powered Dodge Charger has remained as relevant and as strong as ever. And thanks to a numerous styling enhancements, interior updates, and of course, a power boost, the Charger is ow better than ever.

Read on to learn why the 2020 Dodge Charger is widely considered as the ultimate muscle sedan.

The Design

Like we touched on above, the Dodge Charger has a unique character that’s unlike any other car – and a lot of it is because of how it looks. The mean, aggressive stance, the huge wheels, the flared arches – you can spot a Dodge Charger from a mile away, its unmistakable.

The 2020 Dodge Charger looks particularly menacing if you opt for the “Widebody Package”, with which you get Bilstein dampers that lower the ride height by 50 mm. Other than that, the new Charger looks virtually the same as the outgoing model. But why fix something that ain’t broke, right? We still think it’s a stunning car to behold. We particularly love the front fascia, with its blacked-out grill, the hood scoop, and the DLR LED head lamps.

The Powertrain

If you think that the Dodge Charger looks sporty, you’ll be blown away by how it drives. Going back to its NASCAR roots, Dodge offers not one, but two loud, throaty V8s with the Charger, both of which are mated to a superb eight-speed automatic transmission, with rear-wheel drive as standard. There’s also a watered-down V6 version that comes with 4WD, but we’re not going to dwell on that too much.

If you opt for the range-topping R/T variant, you get a monstrous 6.4-liter V8 that pumps out 485 hp and over 400 lbs-ft. pf torque. So what does that translate into? Well, the Charger will hit 60 mph from a standstill in a blistering 4.1 seconds, and the surge of savage acceleration won’t subside until you’re well over 160 mph. Even the less powerful of the two V8s offers 370 mph, which is enough to leave most family sedans far behind in the dust.

The Driving Experience

In a quick glance, the Dodge Charger looks like a car that’s built primarily for the drag strip – one that will break your spine with its rock-hard suspension and shatter your ear drums with its rip-roaring V8. However, that’s not the case at all. While the Charger is undoubtedly a muscle car that has all the muscle-car tricks up its sleeves, it can be incredibly docile when you want it to be. In “road mode”, it offers composed, whisper-quiet, and supremely comfortable ride, which makes it an extremely capable long-distance family cruiser.

The latest Charge impresses in the twisty stuff as well. The chassis is just exquisite and the suspension set up is perfectly balanced between firm and compliant. Although the Charger is a big car that tips the scales at well over 4,000 lbs., it’s amazingly agile and remarkably balanced around corners.

The breaking performance is class-leading as well. It’s even more impressive if you opt for the optional stickier summer performance tires.

The Interior

This is the area where American cars typically fall behind their rivals from across the Atlantic. However, that’s not the case with the Dodge Charger. Of course, you won’t get the refinement of a BMW or an Audi, you still get a lot for the $31,390 – $41,490 you pay.

The interior design is minimalistic, yet stylish and functional. Most of the dash and center console is made from high-quality soft plastics that are a joy to touch and behold. However, premium-quality materials aren’t lacking as well. You get soft, plush leather seats, suede door panel linings, and a heated leather-wrapped steering wheel. Carbon-fiber trim pieces and accents are on the options list as well.

The center console features the superb Uconnect touchscreen infotainment system that’s available either as a 7.0-inch unit or an 8.4-inch unit. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both offered as standard.

You get a lot in the safety and driver-assistance features department as well. The current Dodge Charger comes with automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, forward-collision warning, lane-keep assist, and more.

How You Can Keep Your Chevy Blazer in Brand-New Condition for Years

If you’ve recently taken delivery of a Dodge Charger, some congratulations are in order! You’re the owner of one of the world’s most iconic and beautiful muscle cars! However, you’d want to do everything to ensure that your Charger looks showroom-fresh – from both inside and out.

While periodic washing and waxing is enough to maintain your Charger’s exterior, maintain the interior is a bit trickier. Things like the carpeting, floor mats, and upholstery are subjected to constant wear and tear. Moreover, accidental food and beverage spills, cigarette smoke, and muddy shoes can make matters even worse.

If you want to maintain the value of your Dodge Charger, it’s vital to keep its interior in the best shape possible. Therefore, you should consider investing in high-quality commercial grade auto interior detailing products to protect your carpets, trim, and seats.

The recessed areas of the center console and the cup holders are two areas that are specially prone to attracting dirt and gunk. And since these nooks and crannies are so difficult to access, it’s a nightmare trying to clean them with special tools.

Thankfully, here at Cup Holder Hero, we provide high-quality custom cup holder and center console liners for a wide range of different makes and models, including the Dodge Charger. These liners essentially act as floor mats for your console and cup holders, protecting them from spills, dirt and grime. In addition to the Dodge Charger R/T, we offer premium-quality auto interior accessories for a wide range of vehicles, including the Chevy Blazer, the Chevrolet Camaro, the Dodge Challenger, Dodge charger 392 hemi 2020, the Chevy Silverado, the Chevy Equinox, and more! Check out our online shop for the complete list of our products.

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