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The Ford Fiesta: The Best Budget Hatchback You Can Buy Right Now?

There’s a reason why the Ford Fiesta has maintained a permanent residence at the apex of American car sales charts for over 10 years. While initially designed to be a mode of cheap, utilitarian transport for the masses, the Fiesta has evolved into one of the most complete compact cars on roads today, considered by many as the epitome of the increasingly popular hatchback segment.

And it’s not just hype either. Ford has sold over 16 million Fiestas since its first generation, the mk1, was launched back in 1976. This makes the Fiesta the third best-selling marque in Ford’s entire history, just behind the F-series and the Escort. It’s safe to say that the Fiesta is just as iconic as the other legendary names in the segment, such as the Volkswagen Golf and the Mini Cooper.

In an age where fuel prices are skyrocketing, a small, practical, and economical hatchback could be the smartest automotive investment you can make. Read on to learn why the Ford Fiesta is one of the – if not the outright – best choices in this regard.

Powertrain, Ride, and Handling

The standard Fiesta comes with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 120 hp. If your daily driver is a Chevrolet Corvette or even a Ford Focus RS, you may be scoffing at those figures. However, considering the Fiesta is primarily designed to be an economy car, and the fact that it tips the scales at just under 2,600 lbs., 120 hp is more than sufficient. You definitely won’t have any problems overtaking on the freeway, or climbing up steep backroads.

In the transmission department, there are two options offered with the Fiesta: a six-speed automatic and (to the delight of driving enthusiasts) a five-speed traditional stick shift. And we have to say, the latter is a particular favorite of ours. When fitted with the manual gearbox, the Fiesta feels as fun to drive as its big brother, the Focus.  

However, if you want a little more power and zing, there’s always the high performance ‘ST’ variant of the Fiesta to consider. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, comes with a turbocharged 1.6-liter powerplant that produces 197 hp and 202 lbs-ft of torque. In the Fiesta’s pint-sized body, that’s enough for a 0 to 100 mph acceleration time of just 6.9 seconds. To give you some perspective, that’s faster than the V8-powered Ford F150 pickup truck.

Moving on to the ride and handling department, this has traditionally been the party piece of Ford Fiesta – and the latest one is no different. You just have to take this car round a couple of bends to realize that what a brilliant job Ford has done on the chassis. It feels superbly balanced and poised. Regardless of the speed you’re carrying into corners, the Fiesta just refuses to lose traction. In addition to the chassis, this is also down to the clever traction control system Ford has fitted to this hatchback.

Moreover, the Fiesta offers class-leading ride comfort as well. Although the American automaker has followed the tried-and-tested suspension formula of Macpherson struts up front and torsion beams at the rear, the Fiesta somehow feels more refined and composed on the road compared with its contemporaries in the subcompact class.

Fuel Economy

Now that we’ve covered the driving dynamics, it’s time to address the primary concern of the practical, value-minded driver: fuel economy. So, what kind of mileage do you get from the Fiesta’s 1.6-liter four-pot engine? Well, you can expect around 31 mpg on the highway and 27 mpg in the city – which comes down to a combined average of around 31 mpg.

Safety and Tech Features

The latest Ford Fiesta fares well in the safety and tech features department as well. You get LED light (both front and back), and alloy wheels as standard equipment. And there’s more: all variants of the Fiesta come with anti-lock brakes, overhead airbags, knee airbags, front and side impact airbags, traction control, and electronic stability control. On the options list, you have adaptive cruise control automated emergency braking and lane-keep assist and lane departure warning. 

The Interior

Of course, the Ford Fiesta’s cabin isn’t as well-trimmed or as refined as, let’s say, a Volkswagen Golf, but you do get a lot for the $11,900-$18,200 you shell out. The interior is extremely well-built, ergonomically designed, and beautiful to behold. A large touchscreen infotainment unit sits front and center on the dash, which is made from a combination of high-quality soft plastics and a leather-like fabric. Moreover, it has a groovy, futuristic design that’s a far cry from the boring, monotonous designs you find in most other cars in the segment.

The cabin also feels airy and spacious. The driving visibility is great and there’s ample legroom both front and rear. 

How to Keep Your Ford Fiesta in Great Condition

It’s safe to say that the Ford Fiesta is one of the most complete and versatile subcompact cars on the roads right now. It offers a little bit of everything: performance, practicality, fuel-efficiency, a fun driving experience.

However, considering all these things, Ford has made the surprising decision to pull the Fiesta from the market. Yes, you read that right. Ford is no longer offering this iconic hatchback to American consumers. So, if you’re a proud owner of a Fiesta, you’d want to ensure that yours stays in the best possible shape – both inside and out.


While periodic waxing and polishing is enough to keep your Fiesta’s exterior in optimal condition, the interior is a little trickier. You see, the interior is comprised of materials, such as soft plastics, fabrics, and leather that can easily become dirty and damaged with everyday wear and tear. Then, there are recessed areas and crevices in the interior that are particularly difficult to keep clean.

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