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Improving Your Car’s Interior: A Guide

Your car’s exterior is the first thing you and passersby see. A dent on your car’s exterior irks you for exactly this reason; people may think you’re a reckless driver or don’t take care of your car. However, this annoyance is nothing compared to a cluttered or bothersome interior.

While you see your car’s exterior first, you spend most of your driving time in your car’s interior. Consequently, interior car problems are much more tedious than exterior issues. Imagine driving with a slippery steering wheel or in a car with a smelly interior; it would be an uncomfortable experience, to say the least.

Instead of adapting to the discomfort, though, you should aim to rid it in its entirety. Here are a few ways to improve your car’s interior space and, by extension, your driving experience.

Steering Wheel Cover

Over time, your steering wheel may start to wear down. This wear-and-tear detracts from the car’s interior aesthetic, making it look old. A worn-down steering wheel can also make your driving experience uncomfortable if it becomes slippery. A steering wheel cover can remedy both of these problems. The best part is that you can choose a cover according to your aesthetic and budget.

Moreover, your cover can also remedy any problems you had with your base steering wheel. Suppose you don’t like your steering wheel’s aesthetic. Maybe there’s something wrong with its design, or it doesn’t match the rest of your car’s aesthetic. You can use a steering wheel cover that matches your aesthetic choices to remedy your steering wheel’s aesthetic maladies.

Phone Holder

As cities have grown, so have roads. Unfortunately, this has led to more complicated city and road arrangements. Finding one’s way around a new area can be troubling without adequate directions.

Fortunately, our smartphones’ GPS services have almost entirely remedied this problem. A phone holder can keep your phone’s map in your vision without diverting your attention from the road. This makes driving safer and easier.

Beyond its GPS services, you also use phones to listen to music through either Bluetooth or an aux cable. A phone holder prevents your phone from sliding around or disconnecting from your stereo system. Consequently, a phone holder gets rid of many of your phone’s distractions.

However, this isn’t an endorsement of phone-use while driving. By using your phone while driving, you put yourself and others in danger. Even checking your phone to see who texted you is enough to cause an accident. A phone holder makes using your phone safer, but you should default to not using your phone while driving whenever possible.

Seat Covers

You may see a theme developing here. Covers are the best way to increase the longevity of your car’s interior. While we don’t spend most of our time looking at our seats, they occupy most of our car’s interior space.

Two car seats covered with seat cushions

Covers can protect your seats from wear-and-tear, stains, and damage. This mitigate the need for repairs and maintenance, saving you a lot in money. It also keeps your interior looking new.

Text Box: Image file name: seat-cover-cushion
Image alt text: Two car seats covered with seat cushions
Seat covers also offer a moderate degree of customizability for your car’s interior.

Firstly, you can purchase seat covers that suit your car’s overall aesthetic. You can also use seat covers to add some contrast or change your car’s aesthetic as you see fit.

Moreover, seat covers can also make your driving experience more comfortable. If your seats feel uncomfortable or force you into an awkward posture, you can find a seat cover to fix that.

Interior Lighting

LED lighting is safer and more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting. Moreover, LED lighting comes in a variety of colors and isn’t expensive. Consequently, people have begun using it to customize their car’s interior lighting.

Since LED lighting is widely available now, people can install lights in different places within their vehicles. These lights can create a lounge-esque environment within a car if they’re correctly installed. Moreover, the lights can change color and are remotely controlled.

Window Film

Text Box: Image file name: car-air-conditioner
Image alt text: A car’s air conditioner
A window film directly benefits you and your car. It tints your car’s windows but also prevents them from shattering or breaking. Its most immediate benefit, then, is to windows’ integrity. The strengthened windows also ward off robbers who may try to (unsuccessfully) break into your car.

A window film’s other benefits come from its tint. Tinted windows reflect more of the sun’s UV rays off your car. Exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer, so a window film reduces your risk of cancer by reflecting the sun’s UV rays.

Moreover, the sun’s rays can also ruin your upholstery and cause your car’s interior to fade. Lastly, the greater your exposure to sunlight, the hotter your car will become. The ensuant heat could raise your fuel costs by forcing you to turn up the air-conditioning. A window film, then, saves you maintenance, repair, health, and fuel costs.

Interior Liners

Text Box: Image file name: 2020-dodge-charger
Image alt text: A white 2020 Dodge Charger parked next to a puddle on a road 
Interior liners are functionally similar, but not identical, to steering wheel and seat covers. As their name suggests, interior liners line your car’s interior with a protective covering. This covering protects whatever is under it from the elements and other harmful material.

Consequently, like their seat and steering wheel counterparts, liners save you money in avoided repairs and maintenance. Moreover, liners are also customizable, so you can buy a kit that suits your car’s aesthetic. Accordingly, they’ll boost your car’s aesthetic value.

However, liners do more than protect. Depending on where you get your liner from, they can also offer easy cleanups. Since your car’s console attracts dirt, dust, and more, a console liner can capture that gunk. These liners can easily be removed and cleaned. Moreover, since you can place liners in those harder-to-reach places, you can clean those places more easily too.

If you’re looking for interior liner kits that do all of the above and more, get in touch with us at Cup Holder Hero. We offer cup holder liners and other interior accessories for a bevy of cars, such as the 2020 Dodge Charger and Nissan Rogue.

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