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Car Cleanliness and Hygiene—Why Your Car Needs Some Extra Love and Care

For the majority of us, our cars are like our second home. In fact, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, American drivers spend nearly 17,600 minutes behind their wheels each year. That’s almost seven 40-hour weeks of work!

However, despite spending all that time in the car, only a few of us proactively clean out our vehicles—especially the interiors. If not cleaned properly, the interiors can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Think about that milk your child spilled on the backseat, or that French fry that found its way in the middle of the center console and the driving seat. Over time, these food spills only multiply and spread throughout the car.

The filters in the air conditioning vents that trap allergens and dust particles and the dirty car seats with festering food remains might also be the reason why you get sick.

In summers, the dampness and humidity create a habitable environment for bacteria and spores. On top of that, we spend a lot of time with our air-conditioning running at full blast in the heat, which only further leads to poor quality. No wonder people often fall sick in the summers.

What’s more, experts are doubling down on basic hygiene and cleanliness of vehicles with the current Coronavirus pandemic. While frequent sanitizing and handwashing is the best way to prevent transmission of the virus, you also need to disinfect and adequately clean one of the highest-touch points in your environment—your car!

Experts believe that the coronavirus can spread rapidly inside a contaminated space like the interior of your car. They recommend using disinfectants to clean touch points like the steering wheel, the top of the dashboard, radio knobs, seatbelts, infotainment controllers, and, most importantly, cup holders.

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Apart from preventing germs, let’s talk about some other reasons why your car needs some extra care:

It Extends The Lifespan Of Your Car

A regularly cleaned car is likely to maintain its beauty for a long time. However, if you start neglecting your vehicle’s interior, it can begin to develop excess wear and tear. Dust, grime, and spills left unattended all eat away your vehicle’s upholstery.

Cup holders and center consoles—in particular—attract a lot of gunk and breadcrumbs. We recommend using a wet rag to remove spills and dirt, but you can get more aggressive with cleaning depending on your cup holders’ condition. Cleaning the door pockets with at least 50% isopropyl alcohol can help you with the hard-to-remove stuff.

Moreover, you can even save time and money on detailing by investing in high-quality, custom-fit cup holders, center console, and door pocket liners. They’re available in vibrant colors and seamlessly install in the pockets, adding luxury to your car. Plus, they make cleaning out hard-to-reach spaces effortless.

Additionally, keeping your car clean not only prevents damage from the buildup of debris, but it also improves the market value of your car.

It Contributes To Better Mental Health

We’ve already talked about how your car’s cleanliness can play a role in poor air quality, affecting your physical health by aggravating allergies and breathing problems. Now let’s talk about the psychological benefits of keeping your car looking spick and span.

Studies have found that tidying the environment, like your office, home, and even your vehicle, can do wonders in relieving stress and lift your spirits. That’s right—a clean car can also affect the way you think.

It’s simple: cleaner spaces lead to happier individuals.

Research has found that visual clutter, such as leftover water bottles, trash and gym equipment sitting around in your vehicle, causes stress and distractions. Moreover, clutter within your viewing space, like the dashboard, can diminish your focus.

For a lot of people, lack of organization elevates their levels of cortisol—the stress hormone. As a result, they throw the junk in their trunk or out of sight to deal with it later, and the pile just keeps on increasing by the day, until the thought of cleaning it out becomes overwhelming and looms large on the vehicle owner’s mind.

Conversely, people who keep up with regular cleaning and maintaining an organized environment report greater feelings of restfulness and energy.

The State Of Your Vehicle Is A Reflection Of You

The condition of the car you drive also reflects upon you. This is one of the reasons why people seek out luxury cars—it acts as a symbol of the particular image they want to create.

A lot of people feel demoralized when called out for the mess in their car, which ultimately affects their self-perception.

Not only does a cleaner vehicle leave you healthier, but it also creates a hygienic environment for the passengers who ride with you.

Give Your Car A Brand-New Look With Custom Interior Accessories

If you’re looking to spruce up the interior of your car, we have just the thing for you: custom fit liners and interior accessories for sale—and that too for a wide range of car models.

From the Chevy K5 Blazer and the Chevrolet Camaro to the Dodge Charger, we provide custom fit mats and compartment liners in a number of trims that fit both coupe and convertible body styles.

liner kits

Our liner kits include cup holder, mats, center console and door pocket liners in vibrant colors. The best part about installing them is that if there’s any dirt buildup or spill in any compartment, you can simply remove these liners and wash them in the sink with warm water and soap—making cleaning hard-to-reach places a breeze!

What’s more, their patented design and durable, flexible rubber allow them to contour to the car’s pockets and provide a non-slip surface. You no longer have to fear scratches and messes, and items rattling in your car’s compartments.

Here, at Cup Holder Hero, we take pride in providing our clients with the best accessories that keep their vehicle interiors in the best shape. So, what are you waiting for? Shop online for premium-quality auto interior accessories that come with a lifetime warranty and 100% customer satisfaction.

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