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Car Care: Why It’s Important

The average car prices in the U.S. are more than $35,000—and the prices are still rising. With so many thousands of dollars invested in these vehicles, it’s only natural that car care should duly follow. After all, what’s the use of pumping so much money into something and not taking good care of it?

Most people, however, already take care of their vehicles on their own. The problem is, often, many people don’t know how much they are missing out on. There are the basics, of course: like a car wash and keeping it clean and all that, but is that enough?

 Car Care: Are You Doing it Right?

The more important things, such as installing new wipers and polishing the car, are obvious enough not to be missed. Many, however, are not so keen on the following:

Did You Check Out the Reader’s Manual?

For many of us, the manual is just a shiny booklet that you throw into a cabinet and forget about until something eventually goes wrong, and you have to dig it out again. All the features of the car—every function—is explained in this manual. It might even contain things you never knew about—such as if your car requires special fluid or oil. Find that manual and read it. If you can’t find it or have forgotten where you put it, you can easily find one online.

Listen To Your Car

Off sounds and odd smells, a crack or nip in sight, or even an inexplicable feeling inside the car can tell you much. Feel your car when you drive it to determine if it needs work in some parts. Is it braking right? Is the steering slipping from your hand? Does the gearbox trouble you? Determining things such as these beforehand saves you from high repair costs later–maybe you can sort the problem out before it becomes a full-blown, costly automotive crisis.


Part of a car’s allure and beauty is its shiny outer coat—and you need to preserve it with car washes and wax coatings every few months. If you’re concerned about the longevity of your car, washing and waxing are always a priority.

Preparing for Flat Tires

Every car gets a flat tire sooner or later. If you’re on the road and have never previously changed tires with a new car, you might be in for trouble. A stubborn wheel or a bad wheel lug coupled with growing frustration can easily damage the car—and add to unwanted expenses everyone is keen to avoid in this economy.

How Clean Are You Keeping Your Car?

Cleaning a car is more than getting it washed now and then. You should also regularly clean it out, wipe the seats, and disinfect the interior. After all, the pandemic ought to teach us that by now. There are also little things that we easily ignore: dust bunnies accumulating around the sides of your console, old-spilled coffee odor filling the inside with a rank smell, and more. These are preventable hazards—all you need is a cup holder and a console liner to console yourself.

But Why is Car Care So Important?

Is it really necessary to go the extra mile? Is it so important that you should get special products for your car and run preparatory tire drills? We say yes—and any car lover would instantly agree—and for several reasons:


Taking good care of your car ensures it will function longer and in better shape than old cars usually do. Regular maintenance checks will keep your car in apple-pie order and prevent it from breaking down and causing serious problems. Most of these maintenance checks are but preventative measures designed to mitigate wear and tear of the vehicle.

Regular maintenance and good car care are crucial for saving the vital parts of your car, such as the engine. The sooner you need a replacement, the costlier it will get in the long run.

Fewer Repairs

Description: photo-1554768804-50c1e2b50a6e.jpg

The better shape your car’s in, the fewer times you’ll go to the mechanic. That means fewer repairs, yes, but that also means lesser money spent on car repair. Repair parts and reworking can cost you a great deal, especially if yours is an expensive car.

Neglecting maintenance develops minor issues that lead to repairs in the long run. Ignore a problem for long enough—and it won’t go away. It will instead become an even bigger problem. If you see any signs of leaks or damage to the car, get it checked immediately—before the problem can grow worse.

Tires on Fleek

Many people don’t realize this–but keeping your tires well and operational for a long time does two important things:

  1. It reduces potential damage to the car, and
  2. It improves your gas mileage.

And it’s easy, too. Just go to a gas station, get it checked, and refueled if needed. As we have indicated earlier, use your senses to determine if the tires need a new dose of air. Follow your gut instinct. All you need to do is ensure there’s always an optimal air pressure in the tires—air pressure and the right rotation are important for the long life of the tires.

Ready to Up Your Car Care Game?

With Cup Holder Hero’s products now available online, you can actually request products specific to your particular car—from a Ford to a Chevy and beyond. From a Tesla model 3 cup holder liner to buying Chevy blazer accessories, we can get it. We also customize our product for our customers. If you’ve been looking for custom fit cup holders, central console liners, and door pockets, you can shop with us now for quality products.

At Cup Holder Hero, we love cars just as much as you do—and we understand how important it is to take good care of our wheels on steel.

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