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6 Ways to Protect Your Car

Buying a car is a significant investment. They’re expensive and frequently used, which makes them prone to damage. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many of us haven’t been using our cars much, but that leaves them vulnerable to other kinds of damage.

If you don’t take care of your car, the resultant costs can quickly rise above the principal you paid for it. Regular maintenance is essential, but that can be tiring. Moreover, many of us don’t have cash lying around to repeatedly spend on maintenance or repairs.

Instead, here are some accessories that more than justify their costs by protecting our cars.

Front-End Cover

A front-end cover is also known as a car bra, a bonnet bra, or a car mask. As the name suggests, these items cover the front-end of your car and protect it from damage. The front-end includes your car’s bumper, hood, and fender sides.

Front-end covers are made of firm padding that’s covered by vinyl; they’re designed for specific cars so they securely fit the front. This makes cover reinstallation rare, since they’re very durable and easy to install.

Front-end covers protect against debris on the road that can leave dents in or chip away at your car’s front. They also protect against bugs and chemicals, like tar, which can impair your car’s paint job and slowly corrode it.

Lastly, the covers don’t detract from your car’s aesthetic. In fact, they make your car look even better than before. Consequently, they boost your car’s durability and aesthetic, which translates into a more valuable car in the long-term.

Bug Shields

A bug shield or bug deflector is placed above your car’s grill, and it’s functionally similar to a front-end cover. The bug shield protects your car from bugs and small debris hitting your car, but it isn’t designed to protect it from damage.

Rather, a bug shield alters the aerodynamics of your car. Typically, wind flows toward a car and effectively resists the car’s movement. Bugs and debris carried by the wind also flow toward the car and can hit your windshield, bumper, etc. A bug shield is designed to alter the wind flow so the wind, and everything it carries, passes over your car.

A bug shield does more than keep your car’s exterior stain-free. Since the wind flows over your car, it also reduces wind resistance against your car’s movement. This improves your car’s fuel economy, since it can travel further and more easily with the same amount of fuel.

However, your bug shield needs to be appropriately angled for it to work. If the angle is too steep, the shield will block a bit of air instead of changing the airflow. If the angle is too gentle, the shield won’t make a noticeable change to the airflow.

Car Covers

Car covers are essential when you’re leaving your car in any harsh environment for a long period. They’re especially useful for people who don’t have a garage available and have to park their cars outside.

Some cars come with car covers, but if yours doesn’t, you should order one; they’re designed to fit your car. Covers are typically used when your car is parked outside for some time, such as while shopping or visiting someone’s house.

A car cover’s protective capacity comes from its materials. Car covers are usually made of woven polyester fabric and some other materials that offer protection from the elements. These elements include heat, rain, snow, and other elemental sources of damage. Moreover, in resisting the elements, a car cover can protect your car’s paint job and protect the car from wear-and-tear. This saves you a lot of money in future repairs and repainting. It also improves the driving experience since your car doesn’t heat up as quickly while parked in the sun.

Window Tint and Safety Film

Text Box: Image file name: blue-dodge-charger
Image alt text: A blue Dodge Charger with tinted windows on a road
Window tinting protects you and passengers from the harmful and annoying effects of sunlight. However, constant exposure to sunlight affects more than just passengers.

A blue Dodge Charger with tinted windows on a road

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can lead to the fading or discoloring of your car’s upholstery. Moreover, it can also heat your car, which can damage your engine and cause your car’s battery water to evaporate.

A safety or security film can go one step further than tinting. These films tint, but they also reinforce your car’s windows. They’re typically made of layers of polyester film that are laminated. The thicker the film, the more resistant the window. These prevent breaking and shattering, so your windows can sustain much more trauma without showing signs of damage.

Used together, a safety film and window tint offer privacy, security, an insulated cabin, and sturdy windows.

Seat Covers

Text Box: Image file name: chevy-chevrolet-camaro
Image alt text: A parked, yellow Chevrolet Camaro with tinted windows
Seat covers are essential for protecting your car seats and making them look brand new. Without a cover, repeated use of seats and exposure to the elements can lead to fading and discoloring.

A parked, yellow Chevrolet Camaro with tinted windows

This fading and discoloring will make your seats look old and worn down. Moreover, continually using your seats means the germs, etc. that are present on the back of your clothes will also wear down your seats. A seat cover protects the seat’s fabric from all of these harmful elements. Moreover, covers can also prevent your car seats from getting extremely hot if parked under the sun.

Interior Liners

Text Box: Image File Name: dodge-charger-red
Image Alt Text: A red Dodge Charger drifting on an empty road
Last, and perhaps most significantly, are interior liners. These are functionally similar to seat covers in that they protect your car’s interior. However, these do much more than protect. Firstly, as stated before, interior liners are like seat covers or floor mats for your car’s interior as they protect your interior from the elements and other staining material.

Secondly, they can boost your car’s aesthetic appeal since some come with sleek and modern designs.

Thirdly, they capture the dirt and gunk that car interiors commonly attract. Since liners can easily be removed and cleaned, they allow for easy car cleanups. Moreover, liners also make it easier to clean those hard-to-reach spaces in your car.

Lastly, because of all the above benefits, interior liners also save you a lot of money in terms of car washes and damage repairs.

If you’re looking for comfortable, cleanable, and aesthetic interior liner kits, contact us at Cup Holder Hero. We offer interior accessories, cup holder liners, and more for an assortment of cars, such as the Tesla Model 3 and 2020 Dodge Charger.  

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