Feb 28, 2020 - It's February in Alaska, and we've learned that can mean some pretty unpredictable weather conditions. South of Delta Junction, Alaska, Castner Glacier is a rapidly receding glacier, and has changed dramatically since my last time here this spring. At this rate of melting, the Castner Glacier, like many of its neighbors, could disappear within 50 years. Here is a description of the activities. Here, in the interior, we just ended the fourth longest cold snap in history where we had 35 days … Castner Glacier sits right at the boundary of these two regions, and generally gets the most use of anywhere in the range, making it one of the more reasonable options for a short hike in this beautiful mountain wilderness. Castner Glacier Cave (Click any photo to go to my Flickr) Sunday I visited a place I've been meaning to visit since Decemberish - Castner Glacier Cave, about 40 miles south of Delta Junction on the Richardson Highway. My trip to the Castner Glacier was unexpected and short, but provided an interesting perspective on something I had yet to witness in person. Waves have carved out grassy land masses which abutted the beach, & trees have either had their roots exposed or have been totally uprooted. South of Delta Junction, Alaska, Castner Glacier is a rapidly receding glacier, and has changed dramatically since my last timehere this spring. the hurrcane breached the dunes and wiped out over 40 homes in Ortney, NJ. the terminal moraine) is rapidly melting due to summer temperatures and record levels of summer rain this season. Photographed just 4 months before the photograph before. Route Description: Castner Glacier is the simplest glacier to reach coming from Fairbanks, and for the past several years it’s been the easiest place to find an ice cave as well. Most of the tongue of the Castner is debris-covered, very bumpy, and partially vegetated. Castner Glacier is east of Devils Thumb. NW of Paxson, Alaska Range. Castner Glacier 04/14/14. But for now, it’s one of the most stunning and easily accessed glacier basins in all of Alaska. The Castner Glacier is an easily accessible glacier toe in the Delta Mountains of the Alaska Range. It had been raining now for days in Delta Junction, and I felt that we might be close to wearing out our welcome at the Delta Public Library and at the coffee lounge at the IGA food market, if for …  It also has lost a lot of its beautiful blue, translucent sheen. It’s especially noticeable when you live with ‘it’ (i.e. Castner Glacier Ice Cave. Peggy Blood. The road ends after 1/2 mile, turning into an unimproved foot path heading up the side of Castner Creek. The Richardson Highway was clear, we had no travel problems, and parking was also clear. So Castro Glacier is roughly a hundred and 40 miles from Fairbanks. The drive from Anchorage takes 4 hours and 57 minutes and follows a paved road the entire time. 721k members in the MostBeautiful community. Castner Glacier Trail This unimproved road is located at mile 217.3 on the north side of Castner Creek. The Castner Glacier is losing ice mass rapidly, literally collapsing in on itself, and much of the central glacier has become a deep trench with water flowing between icy, muddy banks. The drop becomes a trickle which form a thin, persistent thread of water. Join me! So, although I would like to tell you how long the fresh glacier water I drank had been locked in its solid state, I do not really think I can! The glacier is located on BLM land (Bureau of Land Management). This sub is about finding beauty in the the world around us, from the simple and ordinary to the … The valley floor coerces the flowages into a stream which flows to the ocean. The large ice chunks in front of the ice cave have completely melted in the 08/24 photo. Just see for yourself in the pictures below!  What an astounding thing to consider the power of just one water drop! Although the first freeze has not occurred here yet the willows, aspens and alder have already begun to acquire a yellow-green tint to their leaves in anticipation. The Castner Glacier Trail begins at Castner Creek near Paxson, Alaska. dendrochronology, lichenometry, radio-carbon dating) to look at expansion time and range (Barclay et al. Shedding just one drop of water at a time glaciers containing enough water to change ocean levels can melt and disappear. “Holocene glacier fluctuations in Alaska.” Quaternary Science Reviews 28.21 (2009): 2034-2048. History Named in 1898 by Captain E. F. Glenn, USA, for Lieutenant J. C. Castner, USA, a member of his party. Pushing our way out of the drainage to stay dry, we followed a gentle moraine to the top of the northern terminus of the Castner. The pictures of the flowers are, as always, gorgeous. if you come here, though, just keep in mind that the walks pretty rough, It's about. Just in the past 1-2 years, our dune grass has broken away in huge chunks, receding the beach way into folks’ yards.  Flowers are finishing the blooming and purples, yellows, and whites have given way to wispy seed-heads to be carried away by a persistent breeze. Talk:Castner Glacier. Last year a friend of mine posted some amazing pictures from a day trip she had made to Castner glacier. Castner Glacier 04/14/14. Donnelly Dome I've lived in Alaska since 1993 and was not even aware this glacier exists. window.dojoRequire(["mojo/signup-forms/Loader"], function(L) { L.start({"baseUrl":"mc.us13.list-manage.com","uuid":"445003c8206deff3672f3ecc5","lid":"5271adac55","uniqueMethods":true}) }), If you have appreciated the content of this page and cannot. Mount Castner is a 5,535-foot elevation glaciated summit located 44 mi west of Valdez in the Chugach Mountains of the U.S. state of Alaska, on land managed by Chugach National Forest. 2 yrs ago just before Christmas a rain storm knocked half an 18″ diameter pine tree onto my garage roof. There is a good chance that if you’ve done any research about Glaciers hikes in Alaska you’ve heard about the Castner. The large ice chunks in front of the ice cave have completely melted in the 08/24 photo. The route begins from asphalt roadside along the Alaska Pipeline, and climbs up massive glacial moraines of the Castner to the spectacular cirque of the Silvertip Icefield. Is this your last entry? I hope you enjoy! Péwé, Troy L., and Richard D. Reger. The off-trail route climbs Castner to the Silvertip Icefield and, despite being almost entirely on the glacier, does not require crampons, ice axes, or ropes. Ian A Johnson : Life, Wildlife, Wild-life, Watching a Glacier Die | Ian A Johnson : Life, Wildlife, Wild-life.  The cave shown was photographed just 4 months ago! The glacier is constantly collapsing on itself; its end (i.e. Anyway, effects of tropical storms & hurricanes have drastically altered our shoreline here in Saco, Maine. What a change in 4 months! Castner Glacier . However, aging the Alaskan glaciers has proven difficult in some regions. The shrinking Castner is literally collapsing in on itself; much of the central glacier has become a deep, meltwater-filled trench. The rate at which the glacier is disappearing seems improbable to me. However, there are no signs and no maintained trail leading to the glacier. I’ve added my parents for reference size Extreme melting and degradation of the ice cave have occurred! Your email address will not be published. This function has been disabled for Ian A Johnson : Life, Wildlife, Wild-life. Trip location: Castner Glacier Access: Castner Creek Bridge on the Richardson Highway, 217 Mile Trip date: Sept. 2 to 4 they say it's half a mile. The crazy part is… Before running into the Alaska Range to test out new ski bindings and skins, Greg, who is quite a curler, invited me on Thursday night to run to a ski area that is only open on weekends, skin up, ski down, and run back to Fairbanks before dark (7:00 PM! What a change in 4 months! Part 1—Background and History Introduction Alaska, with an area of 1,530,693 km 2, is the northernmost and western-most of the 50 United States. 2/10/2020 0 Comments It's February in Alaska, and we've learned that can mean some pretty unpredictable weather conditions. The threads intertwine to form rivulets and the rivulets meld into flowages. Contact Info: Thanks again for your posts. Hi Ian, Peggy, that’s an amazing story and a great example! It’s amazing how fast one storm can change it all. The glaciers of Alaska have been around for a thousands of years. Don’t worry, plenty more entries to come, “goodbye” was just a reflection on the melting glacier 🙂. I would love to hear your stories in the comments! The hike to the glacier’s face follows Castner Creek; the creek is fast-flowing, brown, and fed by the melting glacier. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! “Dating Holocene moraines of Canwell Glacier, Delta River Valley, central Alaska Range.” Short Notes on Alaskan Geology, Professional Report 111 (1991): 63-68. Ian, my own backyard has had its share of natural phenomenon that have changed the skyline. The parking spot … Exploring deep inside an Ice Cave within Castner Glacier, Alaska, where no humans have ventured yet this season. It was mind blowing at how beautiful the inside of the glacier was, beauty frozen in time. It’s incredible to reflect on the extreme weather that continues to occur. Enjoy the fall colors which are coming soon! What is the meaning of “Goodbye”? Castner Glacier desde Mapcarta, el mapa libre. Head up either the north or south side of the creek. Consequently, following a surge, more ice surface area is exposed to ablation. I also think of Hurricane Sandy that has altered so much of the Southern New Jersey coastline, which we toured some this past weekend. Exploring deep inside an Ice Cave within Castner Glacier, Alaska, where no humans have ventured yet this season. Trail or route conditions, wildlife sightings and highlights: We had a great hike to Castner Glacier. It is situated at the head of Ranney Glacier and Dartmouth Glacier. later that winter, a maple tree fell just grazing my shed. This goes on for 6-7 miles. Less than 2 months later, another larger storm (30″ of snow) knokced the rest of the tree down narrowly missing my neighbor’d roof. So those parts of my landscape are gone and it all happened within one season! Castner Glacier is a glacier in Alaska and has an elevation of 3287 feet. Popularized by the guidebook Outside in the Interior and many recent social media posts of the ice caves, the route to the Castner Glacier has become a well-traveled trail in winter. The road ends after 1/2 mile, turning into an unimproved foot path heading up the side of Castner Creek. She shared photos of exploring an under-glacier ice crystal coated cave/tunnel that was simply amazing. Thank you for the fun & informative lesson on glaciers. ). In some places, there are large banks of sand, creating barriers right in the middle of the beach where there was just flatness. Travel upon the glacier is not recommended. Suba sa yelo ang Castner Glacier sa Tinipong Bansa. A 1/2 mile hike leads you to the Castner Glacier. 12 miles long. Here, in the interior, we just ended … The age of Alaskan glaciers is debated because they do not fall into time of expansion like lower 48 glacier (i.e. Castner Glacier es un glaciar en Alaska y tiene una altitud de 3287 pies. I guess it depends on when you come where we came as a set, half a mile closer to mile cuz it was pretty crazy. Your email address will not be published. WikiProject Alaska (Rated Stub-class, Low-importance) This article is within the scope of WikiProject Alaska, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of the U.S. state of Alaska on Wikipedia. It’s not your stereotypical blue glacier calving into a big lake or the ocean, but rather a gritty valley glacier covered in rock, mud, and even flowery meadows in places. The large chunks of ice which ‘calved’ from the glaciers front have melted, and the ice cave is very reduced. Three midwinter trips to the Castner Glacier ice caves in the Eastern Alaska Range with Dan Volland, Dana Kerr, Kerry Tasker, and Jeremy Martin. It is incredible to consider that the hundreds of gallons of water which flow by each minute are created by the collection of millions of water drops. Not many people get an opportunity to explore the insides of a glacier, from beginning to end, I thought you might like to join along for the adventure, filmed through the lens of my iPhone Xs. It is the fastest I have ever seen a ‘slow event’ take place. The day I set out on this expedition, the wind chill was -35F. 2009, Pewe and Reger 1991 ) – from my reading it seems the methods and results have quite a few different answers to the same questions. Nearing the glacier, we saw some overflow on the surface. Find Life, Wildlife, Wild-life on Facebook. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Thanks for reading everyone!