We love using this plant as a privacy hedge or garden border that has leaves year round. Click button below to get on the Waiting List! Fertilize Ligustrum when planting, in early spring, and in late summer. Thrive right away, and are a lovely color of green. You can prune Sunshine Ligustrum almost any time of the year. It is also very hardy and easy to care for, which is ideal for people with not a lot of free time or have brown thumbs. This privet has all the hedging capabilities and visual interest of its Ligustrum relatives (maybe even more, thanks to its bright yellow foliage) with none of the odor or invasive sprawl. How to Grow Ligustrum Shrubs. For information on how to care for you new plant please check out our guide. In fact, ligustrum … About Ligustrum sinense ‘Sunshine’ PP20379 (‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum) This striking evergreen shrub is most notably known for its bright golden color. The Sunshine Ligustrum is even drought, heat, pollution, and deer tolerant! Reaching 3 to 6 feet in height, Sunshine reacts well to pruning into a more formal hedge; unpruned plants, when left to grow naturally, create an airy hedgerow of loosely curving stems. Ligustrum sinense ‘Sunshine’ AT A GLANCE Latin name: Ligustrum sinense ‘Sunshine’ Common name: Privet Type: Evergreen shrub Flowers: Supposedly none Mature size: 4-5’ high, 4-6’ wide (in 10 years), but may be pruned to 1’. Nov 18, 2019 - Explore WE GARDEN TOO! Winter color is gold with orange overtones. I really like the yellow leaves mixed with the other plants I have planted in there. If planting as a landscaping border or in mass plantings, you can plant 4 to 6 feet apart, center on center. Privets (Ligustrum spp.) You need to plant in well-drained soil, as privet cannot tolerate soggy feet. We put together this helpful guide of what to do when you receive your plants in the mail. Trim hedges in May and again in August. Enjoy fragrant white flowers in summer. (Pause for gasps.) Ligustrum in front yard (SW facing) lost leaves first winter. If planting as a hedge, space these out 28 - 36 inches apart, center on center. An evergreen shrub, this ligustrum maintains its lush prominence despite the onset of cooler temperatures, taking on a hint of orange as the shorter days of winter take hold. The bush can adapt to most well drained soils. - Q. And the Sunshine is noninvasive and allergen-free. Sunshine Ligustrum Privet Shrub with Golden-Yellow Foliage: Price $ These make a lively border, and would certainly dress up your walkway, creating a cheery welcome for guests. It likes moist, well-draining soil and a bit more water when the temps rise. Learn how to season this Southern kitchen staple in five easy steps. Ligustrum are adaptable to any well-drained soil. Water frequently to help the plant get established. Order online today for fast delivery to your doorstep! To bring out even more of its bright yellow foliage, occasional pruning is needed. Most of my Sunshine Ligustrum that where planted in spring of 20116 have lost 90% of their leaves the last two winters. For one, Sunshine Ligustrum is non-invasive. Plant these shrubs at least 3 to 4 feet apart, center on center. Ligustrum can be grown as a free-standing shrub or trained as a hedge. Let’s learn more about planting ligustrum shrubs and their care. Grows 3 to 5 feet tall and spreads 2 to 5 Ligustrum sinense ‘Sunshine’ PP20379 has an upright growth habit featuring narrow stems densely filled with small golden green foliage. For more information, please go to our Shipping & Returns page at the bottom of the website. The warranty is purchased on a per plant basis and must be purchased at the same time as the plant purchase. 2 Gallon Southern Living Plants Collection Sunshine Ligustrum Shrub Ideal as a hedge in the landscape, Sunshine Ligustrum offers year-round golden foliage that flourishes in full sun. Pruning this Ligustrum is more for shape, though; it doesn't need the careful, regular shearing of other privet selections, which are speedy, aggressive spreaders. Free 2-day shipping on qualified orders over $35. These are also great in garden planters, to provide a great background for other colorful blooming plants. This … While The Southern Living Garden Book describes most selections of L. sinense as "a horrible weed in the Southeast" and "hard to kill," two selections in particular are a bit easier to deal with. I have 6 planted in same conditions. I was very happy with my purchase! The plants were well packaged and arrived in great shape, they have been planted and are doing great. If the plant is dead, has dried out roots or the incorrect item was shipped just notify Plant Addicts within 3 days upon delivery. - In NW Florida. This plant does best in full sun, which means at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. Trim any dead or sick branches throughout the year as necessary. Qt. It will reliably reach heights of 3 to 6 feet and widths of 3 to 4 feet, making it a versatile planting for both bigger and smaller garden spaces. The plant is sterile & non-invasive. This sterile, non-invasive cultivar will not re-seed into the landscape. Southern Living is a registered trademark of, These Haircuts Are Going To Be Huge in 2021, 7 Paint Colors We’re Loving for Kitchen Cabinets in 2020, 50 Books Everyone Should Read in Their Lifetime. It can handle hot summer days in the warmest climates. Sunshine ligustrum could be used within a mixed border as a bright accent, or planted as a hedge that could be sheared for size and shape or left to grow in its more natural form. Before you say, "No privet, no way," let us tell you: You've never seen privet like this before. I'm not happy. Chinese privet 'Sunshine', Golden privet. The plants are thoroughly trialed and tested in every growing zone before we state the plant can grow in a zone. 1 Gal. L. sinense ‘Pendulum' and L. sinense ‘Variegatum' have attractive foliage and are less aggressively invasive than their relatives. Sunshine Ligustrum is an evergreen shrub with year round golden foliage. 'Sunshine' Ligustrum in 2 Minutes - In this video I go over 'Sunshine' Ligustrum from the Southern Living Plant Collection. Click here for more information on plant container sizes. If you don't want to grow it as a hedge or a mass planting, it also thrives when grown in a container and as an accent in the garden. This was my second purchase of Sunshine Ligustrum. Ligustrums in front and back yard (NE facing)lost most of their leaves this winter. Shop Southern Living 2.5-Quart Sunshine Ligustrum (2-pack) Foundation/Hedge Shrub in Pot in the Shrubs department at Lowe's.com. I planted this in my yard, but it died over the winter. Ligustrum sinense 'Sunshine' PP20379 Ideal as a hedge in the landscape, Sunshine Ligustrum offers year-round golden foliage that flourishes in full sun. After pruning, mulch plants with 5cm (2”) of well-rotted compost or manure around the base of the plants. Ligustrum sinense 'Sunshine' is a hardy, evergreen planting with bright yellow foliage. Sunshine Ligustrum is an evergreen shrub with year round golden foliage. Sunshine Ligustrum: Sunshine Ligustrum is a mid-sized, fast-growing, upright, evergreen shrub, which is highly adaptable to most soils. Hardiness: Woody perennial … - Q. FREE SHIPPING. May 4, 2020 - Ideal as a hedge in the landscape, Sunshine Ligustrum offers year-round golden foliage that flourishes in full sun. The Plant Addicts Warranty is a 1 year warranty protecting you from all the unknowns and will replace your plant if it moves on to the plant afterlife. We may ask for photos for documentation purposes but again we’ll try to make it as easy as possible. 2. Ligustrum sinense 'Sunshine' does great in warmer climates, and flourishes in full sun. Plants are very resilient and will rebound quickly when cared for correctly. Courtesy of the Southern Living Plant Collection, Sunshine Ligustrum Is the Easy-Care Hedge You’ll Love. Ligustrum sinense 'Sunshine' Other names. See more ideas about sunshine ligustrum, shrubs, plants. Credit: Sunshine Ligustrum is an evergreen shrub that can handle cold weather down to 0 degrees fahrenheit. Are Ligustrum Davidsons And Wax Leaf Ligustrum The Same ? However, the more sun this evergreen gets, the more vibrant the yellow. can't wait for these to grow a little larger so I have a little more privacy. 10 Review(s) ... Sunrosa Red Dwarf Shrub Rose - 1 Gallon Pot. 2 plants ordered arrived well packed and healthy - size as expected - not quite as “yellow” as expected but perhaps that emerges with age and sunlight. We recommend adding mulch to the base of the shrub to help maintain moisture to the soil, and help protect shallow roots from harsh weather conditions. ‘Tis the season to ditch your all-white palette in favor of something a little bolder and brighter. Examples would be hungry animals, drought, poor soil conditions, over watering, disease, insects & many other factors. Some leaves will change to a slight orange hue during extended extremely cold periods. According to the Southern Living Plant Collection, which offers this plant for purchase, "Ideal as a hedge in the landscape, Sunshine Ligustrum offers year-round golden foliage that flourishes in full sun. We may ask for pictures but will try to make it as easy as possible for you. In fact, it doesn’t bloom at all, which is good news for allergy sufferers! Its average texture blends into the landscape, but can be balanced by one or two finer or coarser trees or shrubs for an effective composition.This shrub will require occasional maintenance and upkeep, and can be pruned at anytime. ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum has a dense, upright form perfect for establishing a hedge. Sunshine Ligustrum is not like common privet which, if left untended, will sprawl far and wide and reach heights of 15 feet or more. Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales. I planted this into a privacy hedge to add a unique color to my landscaping. There are many variables outside our control and yours that can cause the demise of your plant(s). I'm very pleased with this company, as they promptly mailed my plant in excellent condition. It's a privet that won't cause a headache for you or your garden. Any measurement below 7 indicates acid soil conditions, and anything above 7 indicates alkaline. The modest size and habit of this sturdy shrub also offers the homeowner versatility. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. Privets are very adaptable trees and shrubs. Temporarily Out of Stock. It also does not bloom at all, which is great for people who suffer from allergies. Ligustrum can withstand heavy pruning, but don't require it. I planted 15 of these in my backyard as a hedge, and it looks great now. It also does not bloom at all, which is great for people who suffer from allergies. Posted by Robert Rentfrew on Jun 8th 2020, I'll give you feedback when my entire order arrives. It is important to know that all of our plants are clearly labeled for which growing zones the plant can survive in. 's board "SUNSHINE LIGUSTRUM", followed by 121 people on Pinterest. Guide: How to Care for Your New Plant(s). Hopeful for good growth and outcome! Sunshine Ligustrum, Ligustrum sinense 'Sunshine', is a fast-growing, compact shrub with ornamental foliage. This sterile, non-invasive cultivar will not re-seed into the landscape. Check out our collection and pick out your favorite Ligustrum. They are hardy. We put together this helpful guide of, what to do when you receive your plants in the mail. With the Sunshine Ligustrum, expect to enjoy all the upsides of the privet hedge cultivar and none of the shortcomings. This variety features gorgeous golden-yellow evergreen foliage. The plants are doing great, and look so cool! You can find more information about Sunshine Ligustrum online and you can also purchase it online and by mail from the Southern Living Plant Collection. Lo and behold 'Blue Chip Jr.' Butterfly Bush (Buddleia) Live Shrub, Blue-Purple Flowers, 4.5 in. The plant is sterile & non-invasive. This sterile, non-invasive cultivar will not re-seed into the landscape. Temperature Tolerance For Ligustrum? Autumn Embers Shrub with Red Flowers: 2 Gal. This shrub grows to about 4 feet tall and wide. Shop undefined 3-Gallon Sunshine Ligustrum Foundation/Hedge Shrub in Pot (L3255) in the Shrubs department at Lowe's.com. Ligustrum plants, also known as privets, ... Plant them as hedges, foundation plants, patio trees or in shrub borders. Posted by North Carolina Gardener on Apr 22nd 2020. It can handle hot summer days in the warmest climates. This particular privet thrives in full sun and has moderate water needs. Florida Sunshine Anise - 1 Gallon Pot. *Please note due to agriculture restrictions we are not allowed to ship these into the state of Tennessee. I put one of these in each of my 2 planters. The Sunshine Ligustrum shrub is the perfect addition to any garden or landscape if you are looking to add a burst of yellow color with little to no maintenance. Ligustrum Ligustrum. How To Test Soil pH Soil pH is a measurement of the alkalinity or acidity of soil and is measured on a scale of 1-14, with 7 as the neutral mark. Do not prune close to the first frost of the year. We encourage all plant lovers to purchase the Plant Addicts Warranty whether you’re new or an expert. Any ideas? Bright yellow, dense foliage with no flowers to produce pollen. Plus, it doesn't flower. Have… Q. See more ideas about sunshine ligustrum, southern living plants, landscape. Please note plant(s) with damaged branches or wilted leaves will not qualify for this guarantee. Won't be purchasing through this website again. Some are more popular plantings than others, while some have been banned entirely by a few Southern gardeners, including a famously grumpy one. Non-Invasive & Allergy Free. My Sunshine Ligustrum Were A Vivid Yellow But Are Now Turning Darker Green With Shriveled, Brown Bunch-type Blobs On The End. Great for a mid-sized foundation hedge or privacy screen. These tough plants are pest, deer, and disease resistant and make excellent hedges. Genus. If there is extreme heat we’ll delay shipping. Sunshine Ligustrum - Super Showy Gold Foliage Evergreen - In this video I talk about Sunshine Ligustrum. After that the plant is quite drought and heat tolerant. I have never ordered plants online before and was concerned about the condition they would arrive in. Although pruning is not needed, as the shrub has a clean shape and does not grow past 6 feet tall. Special Order Colors: 8 weeks - this is due to the planter being custom made with the color(s) of your choice, Please Note: On special orders there can not be any cancellations. Propagating Ligustrum (Privet) Cuttings. Watch the video below for more information and instructions for pruning Sunshine Ligustrum. So far only two have the problem. Other Ligustrum species include L. amurense, L. japonicum, L. lucidum, L. ovalifolium, and L. vulgare, all of which have distinctive characteristics. Variety or Cultivar 'Sunshine' _ 'Sunshine' is a vigorous, dense, rounded evergreen shrub with upright stems bearing ovate, glossy, golden yellow to yellow-green leaves and panicles of white flowers in summer followed by spherical, purple-black fruit. The Sunshine Ligustrum from the Southern Living Plant Collection is a full sun champ! The perfect choice for a bright, cheery hedge around your garden, yard or property, the Sunshine Ligustrum evergreen shrub is part of the Southern Living™ Plant collection and offers bright yellow foliage that really shines in a way that the dark green foliage of most hedges simply can’t match. Great news for allergy sufferers. The box was pretty beat up when it arrived from fedex, but the packaging protected the plant inside very well. Once your plant is shipped you’ll receive an email with tracking information. The trendy haircuts you’ll be seeing everywhere next year.