Scroll down to find a ranked list of the best colleges that offer online degrees in graphic design. Graphic design often combines images and words to tell compelling stories – making it a critical skill in "selling" products, ideas and brand identities. Continue updating your portfolio with the best examples of your work. Students will first focus on the appropriate setting of spaces in-between the letters that make up words and projects will gradually increase in scope and complexity up to the setting of pages of text with multiple levels of hierarchical meaning. A course on logos and symbols, for example, discusses the ways that very succinct types of graphic design can make an impact. As a UX designer, you'll blend elements of psychology, computer science and creative storytelling to help create user-friendly experiences across various media. Graduates of the bachelor’s program are well situated to enter assistant roles in advertising, design, and web development firms; after a year or more of experience, assistants may move into a staff position. The first type of accreditation is institutional accreditation. Students of brick-and-mortar schools may have access to computer labs and computers with design software installed. Choose an area of specialization. BA Graphic Design Greenside Design Center’s BA Graphic Design degree is designed to give students a practical understanding of the skills needed to form, create and rationalise design and theoretical argument. Learn more about web design degree concentration offerings including: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall employment for graphic designers is projected to grow 3% through 2028.1 However – with many employers continuing to grow their digital presence – graphic design jobs in computer systems design and related services are projected to grow 24%.1, In addition, job growth for multimedia artists and animators is on pace with the national average, with a reported median annual wage of $75,270 in 2019.1. The graphic design field is a competitive one, and many firms expect applicants to have a relevant bachelor’s degree. This course focuses on digital graphic design theory and its application to web design. For example, a client may have strict budgetary restrictions that limit the scope of your design. Our web design degree online concentration program gives you the advantage you need to succeed in a number of industries, including: The online graphic design degree curriculum includes the full graphic design course of study, plus four web design-specific courses to expand your skillset. Web designer. The graphic design coursework includes training in basic artistic skills, followed by training in the design practices for creating pleasing arrays of graphics and text. As with all online degree programs, prospective graphic design students should look for schools with a legitimate institutional accreditation from a regional or national accrediting body. As a creative director, you'll pitch concepts for national ad campaigns, build relationships with executive leadership and help a team of creatives grow through direct feedback and support. Graphic design is commonly available as a major within Bachelor of Art and sometimes Bachelor of Computer Science programs. Design classes discuss illustration, print design, color theory, photography, and web design, and students practice combining images and text in a variety of formats. That means, when you finish a program with us, you'll get a respected degree from a university you can trust. You'll need a strong eye for detail, as you'll help crop, retouch, scale and finalize files before they go out into the world. Enjoy our custom-designed curriculum featuring exclusive learning content and modules created by in-house industry experts from the ground up. Tuition Rates are subject to change and are reviewed annually. Students will be focused on designing communication and marketing applications for the World Wide Web all the while considering user experience and functionality. As a contractor, you may help a small business redesign their company website. Students culminate the degree with a capstone project. The following 5 schools offer the best online bachelor's in graphic design degrees, based on their low tuition rates and mid-career salary potentials. A digital banner that cuts through the noise? National Association of Schools of Art and Design, Council for Higher Education Accreditation, comprehensive list of HTML coding bootcamps. 1 Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, on the Internet at: Cited projections may not reflect local and/or short-term economic or job conditions and do not guarantee actual job growth. Our online courses offer great flexibility and the curriculum was designed by industry experts with over 200 years of experience and major brand backgrounds: The Minnesota Timberwolves, the American Museum of Natural History of New York and Hormel. In addition to having artistic sensibilities and a knowledge of current design trends, graphic designers should also have technical skills. Graphic Design & Media Arts (including Web Design) Required Hardware & Software. You'll use wireframing tools like Axure RP and Balsamiq, as well as design software like the aforementioned Photoshop and Illustrator. Online bachelor's graphic design programs take four years to complete and require about 120 credit hours of coursework. Rasmussen College can help you realize your vision with a Graphic Design Associate’s degree. These schools represent the least expensive options for obtaining an online bachelor's degree in graphic design. Learners study topics like digital storytelling, animation, and brand management. You will learn a bit of everything that the graphic design field embodies, including software, design history, illustration, animation, and communication. The course examines the fundamental components and structure of moving image texts, explores how dynamic relationships between those elements convey meaning, and then exercise that knowledge through media production. Emphasis will be placed on the professional use of image-capturing devices, such as scanners, digital still cameras and video cameras. The BS in Graphic Information Technology emphasizes the importance of design and creative content with business and management skills. This completely online degree can be completed in just 29 months and is designed for busy and working students with little time during traditional classroom hours. Online bachelor’s degrees in graphic design typically consist of 90 to 120 credit hours. Have you ever found a magazine ad that jumps off the page? Here are a few key skills you'll need to succeed in the field: Creativity. It is important for all degrees, regardless of the field. To keep up, you'll need to have a solid understanding of today's technologies. In this program, you'll focus on 3D sculpting workflow, including: In a blend of form and function, you'll be taught by award-winning creative faculty using industry-standard software, including the Adobe Creative Suite and Autodesk's Maya and Mudbox. You’ll explore the stages of game models, including observational and conceptual drawing. Graphic designers will have the option to work in a number of different professional settings, such as studios, ad agencies and design firms. If your ultimate goal is to lead creative teams and develop big-picture brand strategies, this job is for you. If your game plan is to use graphic design as just one skill in your toolkit, you may consider a career as a product developer. CHOOSE FROM OVER 10 POTENTIAL CAREER PATHS. There is no on-campus component t… Coursework includes drawing, digital media, design, graphic communication, and motion graphics. SNHU's bachelor's in graphic design will help you build a number of key skills, including: Students enrolled in the Graphic Design and Media Arts programs (and associated concentrations) are responsible for ensuring they have the minimum system hardware, software, and photography equipment required in the courses in the program. Tap into your creative side and learn how to produce designs that inspire and influence with the online BA in Graphic Design and Media Arts from SNHU. In addition to putting your technical skills to the test, you'll learn firsthand how to collaborate, solve problems and implement creative design solutions for real stakeholders working in the industry today. Tuition rates for SNHU's online degree programs are among the lowest in the nation. At #1, the University of Maryland Global Campus charges $14,970 per year for their Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Communication. In these situations, you'll have to find out-of-the-box ways to deliver great designs that satisfy client requests (and, ideally, exceed their expectations). Students showcase their professional design work, establish branded identities as working professionals, and engage in peer and professional critiques of design work in preparation for formal employment and contract interviews. The Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Communication at the University of Maryland is an online graphic design program for students who want to pursue careers in the visual arts and creative communication fields. What kind of jobs can you get with a degree in graphic design? Online Graphic Design Degree. A marketing specialist is a Jack (or Jill) of all trades – someone who can collect and analyze consumer data, initiate marketing campaigns and create branded digital or print pieces for an organization. All programs listed are delivered fully or partially through online learning. Graphic Design Online Degree; Make your impact with an online B.A. Take advantage of some of the lowest online tuition rates in the nation, plus financial aid for those who qualify.