Hope you find it useful. Jill Waibel, MD, FAAD, the board-certified dermatologist at Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute, offers men and women in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Kendall and surrounding communities in Florida treatments for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is a fairly common skin condition, which occurs as a result of the overproduction of melanin along the skin’s surface. If you are embarrassed by patches of dark skin on your face, hands and other parts of your body, … They can reduce wrinkles using treatments such as Botox®, Restylane®, Dysport®, fillers, injections, and creams. These treatments, however, are not well tolerated by dark skin and should be avoided unless recommended by your dermatologist. At Goodman Dermatology, we understand that each patient is entirely unique. These ingredients can be used individually but can be more effective and less irritating when combined and with other anti-inflammatory ingredients. acne, eczema) cosmetic procedures, hormonal imbalances (melasma, acanthosis nigricans), use of certain medications or because of genetic conditions. The following is a basic road map for effectively treating hyperpigmentation: Step 1: Sun Protection. Step 1. There are a wide variety of treatments for hyperpigmentation that range from the simple use of sunscreens, to prescription creams to laser therapies. The effects can also become more obvious as we age, and if left untreated and unprotected can worsen. Our unique Mandelic acid based formulation tackles darker and more stubborn pigmentation with minimal side effects. Is Hyperpigmentation Treatment Right for Me? In this video I discuss what you can do when you are struggling with hyperpigmentation but don't have access to a dermatologist. Partial or complete loss of skin/hair pigment can also happen secondary to inflammatory conditions such as eczema, infectious conditions (tinea versicolor), or autoimmune conditions (vitiligo), among others. Our team offers a comprehensive approach to address cosmetic and medical causes of hyperpigmentation. Takeaway. Cosmetic Dermatology. When you want to get rid of your skin with hyperpigmentation come to Skin & Cosmetic Solutions and we’ll discuss which treatments will be … The reactivity of skin prone to hyperpigmentation and melasma is exacerbated by UV-induced inflammation. Wear 30+ SPF when you’re outside. Cosmetic dermatologists specialize in improving skin appearance. For more information on these specific treatment methods, or to schedule a consultation, feel free to contact us at Pura Dermatology today. Preventing the sun’s harmful rays from reaching the skin is the best way to avoid sun-induced hyperpigmentation. They risk causing inflammation, which can make hyperpigmentation worse. A Dermatologist's Guide to In-Office Hyperpigmentation Treatments. The days of the Coppertone Girl and her highly contrasted tan line are over. This hyperpigmentation treatment helps in the reduction of pigmentation by increasing cell turnover while at the same time during treatment powerful anti-oxidants and skin brighteners are infused into the skin. Whether you prefer a hyperpigmentation cream, serum, or toner, there are numerous at-home options for tackling dark spots. Vitiligo tends to run in families and is occasionally associated with other autoimmune processes. We have vast experience managing topical steroidal and non-steroidal immunomodulators, phototherapy (light treatment) and other cutting-edge approaches to control the disease. Treatment for Hyperpigmentation: IPL (Photofacial) - Many doctors use intense pulsed light, or a Photofacials to treat hyperpigmentation. General recommendations to avoid/treat melasma: Call our office to schedule your consultation today! We have vast proficiency in the use of alpha-hydroxy acids, hydroquinone-based creams and a variety of chemical peels to tackle the brown pigment of the skin. The Picosure laser is a unique treatment option for melasma because it does not produce heat. Hydroquinone hyperpigmentation creams are available in low doses over-the-counter, however, for those who have more difficult hyperpigmentation issues, your dermatologist may be able to provide a hyperpigmentation cream that contains a higher concentrated dose. Join Our Mailing List and Get All Our Latest News and Specials! Therefore, choosing an SPF with added melanogenesis inhibitors and antioxidants can provide additional treatment and pigment suppression along with necessary UV protection. Below are our dermatologist-approved ingredients for treating hyperpigmentation in black skin. ... In-Office Treatments. Melanin is the pigment that gives our skin its normal color – when it is overproduced it can often create dark spots and patches of discoloration that appear darker than the skin surrounding it. In some cases, multiple treatment sessions are necessary to achieve the desired results. The cost of hyperpigmentation treatment will vary depending on the techniques used, and may be covered by some health insurance providers. Use of over-the-counter bleaching creams without professional supervision is not advised. Dark Spots Treatments Overview What is hyperpigmentation? Top dermatologists reveal the most cost-effective ways to beat stubborn hyperpigmentation.