Some manufacturers recommend a 1:25 ratio for their engines so check your manual. This is fine for trimming light grass growth around curbs, edges of lawns and flower beds. I can't find the bottom line on the roll. You can buy small bottles of two stroke oil which are sufficient to make up about a gallon or 5 liters (litres) of mix in a gerry can. I don't know whether oiling the line would be effective but you could try using a silicone spray which would be less messy than oil. Geraldine South Africa All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. Remove the rear cover. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. In this segment, Mark provides helpful tips on getting the job done. See also the comment by Dennis below. It's probably a good idea to wipe out any remaining oil from the measuring cup with a paper towel, otherwise all sorts of dust and dirt, spiders and insects will have stuck to the oil by the time you use it the next time. I hate weed eaters. Ryobi’s 132R Trimmer Plus electric grass and weed trimmer utilizes nylon monofilament line to cut vegetation. The advantage of a gas trimmer is that you can vary the speed depending on whether you are cutting fine grass or thick vegetation, When cutting, angle the trimmer so that the cutting head isn't rubbing off the ground. Before you change the string on a lawn trimmer, make sure your trimmer is turned off and that the engine is cool to the touch to avoid any injuries. Question: Can you use a string trimmer for cutting overgrown grass that's 2 feet tall? If it cut out with the choke on, try turning off the choke and re-pulling the cord. A gas trimmer has more power, is usually fitted with heavier gage line, and you can allow more of the line into the vegetation without it slowing down. Two strings would be better. Most trimmers have two stroke engines which don't have a sump filled with oil for lubrication (four stroke trimmers however are available). WARNING: To reduce the risk of injury, the user must read and understand the operator’s manual before using this product. This will vary depending on your trimmer, but the spool or bearing may need to be lubricated. Oil can then be measured out into a graduated measuring cup or any other suitable container which you know the volume of. Husbands shouldnt die before wives!! I use a 2.4 mm line (about 0.1 inch) with my gas trimmer, which is a low cc model, and it gives good results with light and small amounts of heavy growth. Finally, line up the retainer with the slot on the outside of the head and reattach your retaining cap. I've never tried it, but you could try spraying the windings with silicone spray. I have used 2.4 mm (about 0.1") line with my Black and Decker and it lasts longer when cutting dense growth, however long term the heavier weight of the line probably isn't the best for the bearing of the machine (because it puts more load on it). What should I do when I start it back up again and it has a hard time turning? Thanks for the comment. However try to pull the line tight as you wind the spool to prevent excessive line feeding out as the head spins. This is available in sizes up to 4 mm / 0.16 inch (about 3/16 inch ). Pricing online is $159.00 for the kit with charger and 4.0Ah battery at the Home Depot website. The square edges also improve cutting efficiency compared to standard round profile typeCheck your trimmer to see whether it is compatible with this diameter line. These comments do help. Is yours the same or is it supposed to auto feed as the line shortens? Thanks for helping with the angles. Ryobi marketed trimmers with a two-cycle 31cc engine in the 1990s; available models included the 700r, 780r and 790r. Visit an authorized Ryobi dealer and acquire a new attachment head assembly (Ryobi part number 180897). I've tried to steps of coiling the line up in the direction of the arrows and tightly but still it keeps happeningp? Whether you are a legendary landscaper or a weekend weed whacker, provides the parts, procedures and facts you need to fearlessly fix what fails you. Usually there's an arrow indicating which way to wind. Answer: In general, mix 1 part oil with 50 parts petrol (gas). Don’t force anything. Michael M. Rodriguez from Orlando on October 25, 2014: Too great. This has a 10 amp motor (equivalent to over 1100 watt or 1 1/2 HP). Most models need 0.80-inch diameter monofilament replacement line, which is readily available at most garden centers and home improvement retailers. You could poke it out with a long thin screwdriver, opened out wire coat hanger or similar. Eugene Brennan (author) from Ireland on September 12, 2018: Great! Overall this is an outstanding value for an out of the box tool that is good to go for any homeowner. If the line is wound slackly, excess line will feed out of the spool during an auto feed, or when you bump the cutting head to release line, and just end up getting snapped off by the knife on the guard of the trimmer. It still wears rapidly, but just a little bit at a time rather than in large pieces, Thinner gage line will snap more readily. Trimmers generally do not require lubrication; in fact, lubricating the trimmer might attract dirt and increase the wear. Home-owner grade trimmer line by Rino-Tuff from Amazon. I don't know how effective they would be on grass and it's unlikely they could be used up close to herbs. View and Download Ryobi RY40001 operator's manual online. Your article was so good and sufficient. Eugene Brennan (author) from Ireland on October 29, 2015: Thanks Jodah, it can be frustrating when the line breaks, which is often due to over zealous use of the machine. However, it's important not to overload the trimmer if it's low powered. % of people told us that this article helped them. Answer: Yes, you can cut any height of grass. References. What could be the problem? A trimmer is one of the attachments for the Ryobi Expand-it line of home and garden products. Other models auto-feed as line is used up. Watch out for shrubs and trees also, the line can easily strip bark and stunt growth. Eugene Brennan (author) from Ireland on February 16, 2019: Thanks Geraldine. RYOBI ONE+ STRING TRIMMER/EDGER REVIEW How to change string, and how to convert between edger/weed eater. Eugene Brennan (author) from Ireland on June 12, 2018: There should be a cutter on the edge of the guard that trims it to size. Wipe it clean with a soft rag. You shouldn't allow all the line to come in contact with grass as this will tend to slow it down causing it to lose momentum and it won't do a good job of cutting, When cutting around thick vegetation, it's vital to slowly move the line into the material being cut, otherwise it'll become tangled or break. Eugene Brennan (author) from Ireland on May 28, 2019: There still might be more stringy vegetation caught between the back of the head that houses the spool of line and the shaft of the weed eater. He attached fishing line to the head of a lawn edger and was able to cut grass and weeds with his concoction. Even won a $100 bet against a gas one. To create this article, 11 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 496,254 times. Light gauge line wears and snaps quicker. REMOVING THE STARTER ROPE 1. Higher powered gas trimmers can also be used with light gage line, but for cutting thick vegetation in overgrown areas such as long grass, nettles, docks and other weeds, heavier gage line is pretty much essential to avoid breaking or tangling the line. Alternatively you can buy larger liter or quart bottles of oil. These are long tough and stringy and always seem to get wrapped around the head, stalling the engine. By following these directional cutting paths, you will avoid having debris and grass clippings from being directed back at … One popular item the company produces is its complete line of string trimmers.