Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Worx has carved themselves a niche between the bargain basement appeal of Sun Joe and the more professional Ryobis and Milwaukees of the world. For the best, all around edge trimmer that does things well without a major price tag, the BLACK+DECKER LST136W 40V MAX is your best option. Your toes will hate you if that thin plastic line rotating at 6,500 RPM even thinks of grazing them. Still, if you don’t already have the Snapper mower, I recommend keeping an extra battery on hand just in case. The Craftsman V20 (I like the marketing decision of putting the V for Volts in front of the 20, making it sound like an engine) only has a 13-inch cut swath but for the average homeowner, that’s probably okay. Thicker turf or brush will need more power than bluegrass. Video related to snapper xd 82v max cordless electric string trimmer, Video related to ego power+ st1504sf 15-inch foldable shaft string trimmer, Video related to worx gt 3.0 20v powershare cordless string trimmer & edger, Video related to ryobi 40 volt attachment capable cordless string trimmer, Video related to makita xru15pt1 lxt cordless electric string trimmer, Greenworks has done a great job of carving out a large niche for themselves in the electric power tool market. If you own or are considering buying other Makita tools, this is a steal. Electric is the future, but gas engines still bring unrivaled power. I like that Sun Joe doesn’t get full of themselves. $99.00 $ 99. Plus it’s a better deal when considering 5Ah batteries cost $250! And, yeah, I understand that it might be 90 degrees out but long pants are a must when operating landscaping power tools. Wear eye protection. The Snapper XD line includes a number of great machines including this companion to the mower, the Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric String Trimmer that share the same family of large batteries. Before deciding to buy any Stringless Trimmers Reviews, make sure you research and read carefully the buying guide somewhere else from trusted sources. No fuss, no muss. Powered by. It is easy to use and offers top versatility than any other in the market. This model, the Greenworks Pro 16-Inch 80V Cordless String Trimmer, offers up to 45 minutes of run time with a fully charged 2.0Ah battery. DeWalt has a reputation of producing high-quality tools and this cordless string trimmer is no exception. Karcher LTR 18-25 Cordless Grass Trimmer – best strimmer for long battery life. The motor is brushless so it’s more reliable and delivers the performance equivalent to a 32cc gas engine. 13 Best Cordless String Trimmers: Your Easy Buying Guide (Updated! We looked for trimmers that are easy to restring and have great line-feed capabilities. Shop for stringless electric trimmer edger online at Target. If you want comfortable grass trimming, this is an excellent choice. Whether it is handheld or wheeled around, if it can't do this, you are wasting time and money. No, what the Ryobi One Plus 18V trimmer does is provide that perfect solution for small yards or limited trimming or edging needs. There are fewer ergonomic considerations with Greenworks than other brands. Sun Joe 24V SB10-LTE Cordless Electric Stringless Lawn Trimmer, make sure to pick one (and maybe a spare) up, M18 Fuel Cordless Electric String Trimmer, Spacer guard protects plants and obstacles, Four times quieter than a gas-powered trimmer, Less kickback, damage, and flying debris than a gas trimmer, Variable speed trigger to kick it up a notch when needed, Lots of power to take out what you need to, Trimmer guard could stand to be larger for protection, String feed button lets too much string out at one time; wasteful, Battery may not be compatible with older Craftsman V20 tools, Cutting head weight throws alignment out of whack, Trimmer head tilts 90 degrees to trim and edge sloped terrain, Battery compatible across the line of Worx PowerShare tools, It's only 12 inches; a little small for more than a medium-sized yard, Included string is weak and breaks too easily, Accepts Ryobi Expand-It or other universal attachments, Compatible with 40 V family of Ryobi products, Slightly heavier than other electric trimmers, Packaged with four 18V 5Ah batteries and dual charger, Attachment capable with other brands like Ryobi and Poulson, Attachment thumbscrew has threads that are too thin, Lag time between letting off throttle and ramping back up to speed again, 180-degree rotating head coverts from trimmer to edger in seconds, Front guard protects plants and gives user a visual, Better for thick grass than your average lawn, Really meant for small to medium-sized property, Converts from trimmer to edger with a flip of the guard, Variable speed trigger allows for more control, Gator SpeedLoad trimmer line disks make for a quick string load process, Trimmer disks more expensive than standard string but should last twice as long, String eyelets on trimmer head can get knocked out, Compatible with the 18V family of Ryobi cordless tools, Simple and light for anyone, including disabled folks, to use, Bump head works like a charm; better than other models by far, Heavy enough that you may need a shoulder strap, Works with other Milwaukee attachments to turn your trimmer into a variety of other tools, It costs more than other trimmers but the quality you get is incredible, It's big and bad; if you're a person of smaller carriage, this beast will be a challenge for you, C'mon, Milwaukee, throw in a shoulder strap. This kit includes two 18V 5Ah batteries which is a great deal in itself. It has 40V powerful battery which ensures continuous work even in the presence of very heavy grass. You’ll have to pick up this battery starter kit including two 5Ah batteries and a charger. I’ve looked at their lawn mowers and they make a persuasive argument to upgrade to electric yard maintenance equipment. I love how much cordless lawn equipment has advanced this year. By Roy Berendsohn. You can do it in under five seconds, seriously. Their line of yard equipment is tough and powerful. This model, the, of run time with a fully charged 2.0Ah battery. Maybe you need a shoulder strap to help lug your trimmer around? It is an ideal product for getting rid of excess grass in your garden to give you a perfect finish. Not sure what speed you will require? The trimmer is lightweight (less than six pounds) and offers just a 12-inch cutting diameter so this is a particularly good option for people who may be smaller or have challenges using a professional machine. Hit the speed switch and you immediately head to 80V territory for heavy-duty tasks. DeWalt claims they have a patented gear drive design that provides more torque and maintains cut speed when plowing through thick vegetation. Like other brands, the batteries are proprietary and only fit DeWalt 20V tools. This process can be done in 20 seconds or less. Shop for Cordless Electric String Trimmers in Trimmers and Edgers. One tool for one job, sir, however a dedicated tool is not necessarily a bad thing. I would be hard-pressed to find a better cordless electric string trimmer out there. Be aware: this trimmer does not come with any batteries or a charger; take a look at this 3Ah battery two-pack and charger if you don’t already have 18V Ryobi batteries. VideoVideo related to ryobi 40 volt attachment capable cordless string trimmer2020-05-22T12:15:59-04:00. Find more Oregon ST275 Cordless Electric String Trimmer information and reviews here. Any Best/Good Stringless Trimmers Reviews Deals, Sale today or this week, this month? Don’t worry: automatic torque drive tech automatically shifts between 3,500 and 6,500 RPM for added power through thick brush and turf. Does the trimmer you're looking at feature a head that rotates for edging work? Whipper-snipper. If your line is getting short, use the “Command Feed” push button near the throttle trigger to get more without bumping the trimmer head. We will not repeat it here to save your time. The M18 Fuel comes packaged with an 18V 8Ah battery and charger. It is calibrated nicely to control the power, even better than some gas-powered trimmers. Walmart? Be aware: this trimmer does not come with any batteries or a charger; take a look at this. Unlike the 16-inch model, the 14-inch string trimmer comes with a 2Ah battery and charger at a reduced bundle price. The “Reel-Easy” bump-feed string head is actually easy to fill with cutting line and a satisfying step above older heads. I’m also a stickler for having a spare battery ready to go in the charger just in case; I hate waiting for batteries to charge. It will take just one slip of the trimmer into a patch of gravel to give your shins a serious case of road rash. When I first looked at this setup, I was skeptical because proprietary disks of string are going to be more expensive than a bulk spool. For anyone considering getting into a cordless electric string trimmer, you could do a lot worse than giving this a shot. The package consisting of trimmer, string, batteries, and charger costs less than $100. The Greenworks Pro has a feature not found on many other (if any) trimmers: the ability to interface with attachments made by other companies such as Ryobi, Homelite, Poulson, and others. The shaft handle may be adjusted to suit your particular working style. In this article we review the best cordless strimmers in the UK market. Share 0. There are three speed options to give you what you need for power management depending on what you have to cut down. That aside, the power and efficiency the Greenworks 14-Inch 40V Cordless String Trimmer delivers makes up for its flaws and at a better price than its larger brother. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases Lawrence - June 19, 2020. The best grass trimmers can tidy the lawn edges easily and trim hard-to-reach grass without much hassle. Sold and shipped by Snow Joe. It's no fun to get wiped out by your new electric weed eater by the time the job is done. The Best String Trimmers for Keeping the Yard Tidy and Well-Kept. Some will say that the cost is justified because they are simply that good. For quite a long time, the primary concern with the cordless variety, was the weakness of the battery. $79.00 $ 79. VideoVideo related to greenworks pro 16-inch 80v cordless string trimmer2020-05-21T21:04:56-04:00. Craftsman also doesn’t fool around with manufacturing a central machine that accommodates separate attachments like hedge trimmers and pole saws. Stop and consider that for the approximate $150 more than the bare tool, Makita is throwing in four 18V 5Ah batteries and a dual charger with a 45-minute charge time. The Ryobi 40 Volt Attachment Capable Cordless String Trimmer is compatible with their entire family to attachments including a pole saw, leaf blower, lawn edger, and hedge trimmer among others. The width of the cutting path is also important to consider when you choose an electric trimmer. Go get ’em. I don’t have nearly that much to take care of so the battery packs more than enough juice for me to edge the grass and trim in one go. 15 Best Cordless String Trimmer 2020 1. First, Milwaukee tools are incredibly good. This Snapper line is really impressive with its 82V batteries and the mix and matching you can do with the family of tools. The motor is brushless to maximize efficiency and durability. V20 batteries are interchangeable with other Craftsman tools but be aware that the battery that comes with this trimmer may not fit your older Craftsman V20 tools. The Sun Joe features stringless trimming with a flexible, yellow, plastic, 10-inch blade that mows down thick grass like butter. I think you ought to pick up some replacement blades just in case. Make sure that whatever battery powers your machine offers enough runtime for what you need to do. Find more Makita XRU15PT1 LXT Cordless Electric String Trimmer information and reviews here. Second, the battery is massive and charge time is extremely low. BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX String Trimmer This Black and Decker battery motor-powered weed feeder is the greatest general trimmer on the marketplace that we extremely commend. String trimmers are one of the most useful machines that a homeowner can have to maintain and detail their property. Say goodbye to tangled strings and extension cords with the next generation of grass-trimming tech: 24-Volt-SB10-LTE 24-Volt Trimmer Edger from Sun Joe. We will not repeat it here to save your time. You will know What is the best Stringless Trimmers Reviews on the market? Unfortunately, DeWalt only offers this trimmer on its own without any sort of bundle package. That’s 90 minutes of run time. Tweet 0. Best Cordless Grass Strimmers UK Reviews 2020 . The head also pivots 90 degrees to get under that playset or to attack those hills that need trimming STAT. Sun Joe 24V-GT10-LTE 24-Volt iON+ 10-inch Cordless Lightweight Stringless Grass Trimmer, Kit (w/ 2.0-Ah Battery + Charger) 3.3 out of 5 stars 56 Sun Joe 24V-SB10-LTE 24V iON+ 10-in. Gas trimmers have typically provided superior power and efficiency (along with the most noise and fumes). Despite being relatively new to lawn maintenance, famed pressure washer brand Karcher has got off to a very good start with its LTR battery grass trimmers. The Sun Joe 24V SB10-LTE Cordless Electric Stringless Lawn Trimmer does not include the required 24V battery nor the charger; make sure to pick one (and maybe a … A 2.5Ah package is also available. The BLACK And DECKER 36v trimmer is certainly one of the best cordless grass trimmers in the market. Oregon is primarily known for its quality line of chainsaws for both the professional and consumer market. Apparently DeWalt offers up four types of design and the one that comes with this model, Type 4, doesn’t have a divider for each side of the chamber making the string prone to snags during operation. The trimmer weighs less than 10 pounds and may be converted to an edger with a simple flip of the guard. It will take 90 minutes on average to fully charge the battery. That’s pretty cool. Find more Greenworks 14-Inch 40V Cordless String Trimmer information and reviews here. The Sun Joe 24V SB10-LTE Cordless Electric Stringless Lawn Trimmer does not include the required 24V battery nor the charger; make sure to pick one (and maybe a spare) up. Unfortunately this trimmer doesn’t come packaged with the, Video related to greenworks pro 16-inch 80v cordless string trimmer, Video related to sun joe 24v sb10-lte cordless electric stringless lawn trimmer, Ryobi One Plus 18V Cordless Electric String Trimmer.