CupHolderHero CUSTO FIT Cargo and Compartment Liners for JL Wrangler

Color: Solid Black
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By purchasing Cup Holder Heros® you'll add a cool splash of color to your interior and make cleaning your jeep a breeze! If you spill or get crumbs in any compartment simply remove the liner and wash them in the sink!

This is one kit of 16 custom fit mats for your new car! They fit all trims (BUT NOT THE SAHARA OR LEATHER SEAT RUBICON) JL Wrangler’s equipped with factory CLOTH SEATS (2018, 2019).

Install Instructions:Eco friendly digital installation location map can be found on the product page and on a small sticker on the product packaging.

Install:To install either enjoy a fun puzzle with your kids learning about your new vehicle or follow the digital instructions here on the product page or go to the site on a small sticker on the product packaging. To begin start by cleaning all the pockets in the car simply with a rag and warm water try to remove all the dust and crumbs. Then simply set the liners into their corresponding pocket.

Cleaning:To clean the mats carefully use the convenient pull tab (located only on some mats) and remove them from the car. You can then shake them out, and if needed wash them with warm soapy water.

Curled Mats:During shipping mats may get slightly bent and not sit flat in the compartment. (less than 1% of orders should see this problem) They usually fix themselves over 1-2 weeks by being in a hot car. If you are in a cold climate you may need to use a hair dryer, wash the mat with hot water, or place them on your dashboard in the sun and to fix the curling. If you have any issues with your purchase please contact us.

  • NO OTHER LINERS EXCEPT THE DASH LINERS MELT! THE DASHBOARD IN THE JL REACHES OVER 300F DUE TO MAGNIFICATION FROM THE GLASS. THEY HAVE BEEN REMOVED AND PRICE ADJUSTED DOWN ACCORDINGLY (IF YOU GET THE 3 DASH LINERS DO NOT INSTALL) (PRODUCT HANDLES UP TO 235F) Nine color options allow you to easily add a cool splash of color to your new Wrangler, while a double raised edge design keeps minor spills contained within the liner. To install simply drop the custom fit liner in the corresponding pocket.
  • Custom fit kit is like miniature rubber "floor mats" for your cup holders, door pockets, and other compartments. They provide protection from minor spills, crumbs, and rattling coins.
  • They fit all North American JL and JLU Wranglers with FACTORY CLOTH SEATS in the following trims: Sport, Sport S, or Rubicon, with automatic or manual transmission, in 2 or 4 door body style, with soft or hard top. CLOTH SEATS ONLY BUT PLEASE CHECK PHOTO #4 BEFORE ORDERING JEEP GAVE SOME CUSTOMERS UPGRADED LEATHER DOORS! (LEATHER KIT COMING SOON!) (Sahara must order the leather kit!) DO NOT USE THE DASH MATS IN THE SUMMER IF YOU REGULARLY REACH ABOVE 95F OUTSIDE!
  • Patent pending design is simple to install, easy to clean, and provides a soft surface to prevent items from rattling in your cars compartments.
  • Includes a hassle free lifetime guarantee so that you will be protected for the lifetime of your Wrangler. If you have any issues or are not 100% satisfied please contact us.


Founded in 2016, Cup Holder Hero set out on a mission to change the way you protect and customize your car. Think of Cup Holder Hero's liners as miniature floor mats customized to fit each pocket in your car, including cup holders, doors, and center consoles. Gone are the days of continuously scrubbing hard to reach areas trying to clean the melted candy left behind by your child, or the coffee you spilled during your hectic morning commute. Simply remove the liner and rinse it off in the sink. Not only do these liners aid in cleaning your interior, they are also the easiest way on the market to add a splash of color to the ever-increasing boring black interiors of modern cars. Cup Holder Heroes are available for 50+ car models in up to 10+ colors. 

Cup Holder Hero's liners are the top selling custom fit accessory on for every car we support. With thousands of 5 star reviews combined, new car buyers absolutely love being able to add color and protection to their new car. Write an article about us and earn 4.5% commissions on all sales sent from your website via the Amazon Affiliates program. To get started click the "view or download" button below to view our press releases and product linking information.

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